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Welcome to my PaleOMG Power30 Program! 🥳

Life is too short to skip a workout. Let's get started!

But first, I have a question for you: When did we become a "more is more" culture?

We are taught from a young age that if you put MORE effort into something, then you’ll get more out of it. But that isn’t always the case and many of us have learned that the hard way. I used to think that if I spent MORE time in the gym, I would experience MORE results. But after becoming a gym junkie and spending hours upon hours in the gym each day, over time I came to understand that more wasn’t always better. It often had the opposite effect. I would spend more time in the gym and often see fewer results, all because my body was inflamed, worn down, and exhausted. My "more is more" mentality had finally become the downfall of my health. And that definitely wasn’t why I was working out.

This Power30 program isn’t about MORE, it’s about less. Spending less time working out so you can get back to the things that mean the most to you. After years and years of working in gyms and with clients, I know for a fact that people don’t always have an hour to dedicate to a fitness class or to a personal trainer. But what they do have is 15 minutes or 20 minutes or even 30 minutes. And that’s exactly why I created this program – to give you 30 days’ worth of varying workouts, all that can be performed in 30 minutes or less. But just because you’re spending less time working out doesn’t mean you’ll experience less results. No way. These workouts are packed with movements that not only increase the heart rate, but challenge your muscles so you can see and feel the results!

This program is not intended for you to do 30 days in a row – it’s made to mix-and-match. If you know you only have 20 minutes to work out, you can quickly find a workout that matches your time limitations because each section is organized shortest to longest! If your legs are super sore from a class you did yesterday, you can easily find an upper body day to give your legs a break. If you want to get a quick core workout in during the commercial breaks of The Bachelor, I have something just for you! I created this program so you could workout while traveling, workout at home, and workout when it feels like you have no time in your day. This program is here to help you make sure you get your workout in, even on your craziest of days! Just remember, I definitely don’t want you to work out 30 days in a row – rest is SO important.

And as part of this Teachable program, I provide you a recommended workout structure to help guide you through all the workouts over 6 weeks. On Tabata days, you can either pick a Tabata workout based on the time you have, or you can do the one I recommend! This program is all about flexibility, and I'm pumped for you to try it.

If you take one thing from this program, I hope it’s the understanding that you don’t have to spend hours in the gym to see results. It took me a long time to learn that so hopefully you can learn from my mistakes!

About Me, Juli Bauer Roth!

I’ve been working out consistently for over a decade. I got my degree in Health & Exercise Science, I was a certified personal trainer, I coached CrossFit for years, competed in CrossFit, and tried about every different kind of workout out there. And from these 10+ years, I’ve learned A LOT. I’ve learned what works, what doesn’t, what leads to injury, and what leads to the best results. And that is what you will find in this program–a 90-day challenge that will give you the tools to see results both inside and out. You’re going to feel stronger, quicker, and well, healthier.

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