Day 01: Lower Body

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Week 01, Day 01! 🦵

Here's your workout!

4x6 Front Squat

3x15 Goblet Squats

3x10 Dumbbell Step Ups (each side)

3x15 Lying Banded Clam Shells (each side)

3x10 3-Point Banded Toe Taps (each side)

Watch the videos of each movement below to ace your form and maximize those muscle gains. 🥳

Front Squat

Goblet Squat

Dumbbell Step Ups

Lying Banded Clam Shells

3-Point Banded Toe Taps

Track your progress!

Print this sheet to track your wins week over week.

PaleOMG Power Sculpt - Day 01 Tracking.pdf
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