Welcome to PaleOMG Power Sculpt Beyond!

Check your email for your Circle invite, then let me know your Power Sculpt Beyond goals in the comments below! ↓

Welcome to PaleOMG Power Sculpt Beyond! 🥳

Let's continue to sculpt! This program is a continuation of my original Power Sculpt Program. Power Sculpt Beyond covers weeks 27-52. I want to help you continue to get strong, confident, and sculpted!

Think of me as your personal coach. I've competed in Crossfit, taught Crossfit, personal trained, and I've done it all and I've tried it all!

We're still using Circle, our private community! 🤩

As part of your Power Sculpt Beyond Program purchase, you'll receive access to a private community on Circle. Every comment that you make on Teachable will also be reflected on the PaleOMG Circle community for Power Sculpt Program members only!

To participate in the community, go through the following steps:

  1. Check your email for an invite from Circle. (This should have happened automatically when you bought the first Power Sculpt!)
  2. Finalize your Circle registration and set a new password
  3. Check out paleomg.circle.so to meet and participate!

At the bottom of almost every lecture in the Power Sculpt Beyond program, you'll still have the ability to add comments related to specific content. To participate and add comments in Power Sculpt Beyond on Teachable, you'll need to be logged into your Circle account.

Got questions or didn't receive your Circle invite? Just forward your Teachable receipt to [email protected] and my team will get you set up!

Let's begin! 🙌

Are you ready? Because I'm ready! Let’s get started and learn more about the PaleOMG Power Sculpt Beyond Program! →

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