Day 01

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Week 03, Day 01!

Here's your workout!

3x15 Dumbbell Hip Thrust

2 rounds of: 

  • 10 Dumbbell Goblet Squats
  • 12 Walking Lunges


2 rounds of:

  • 10 Dumbbell Chest Press
  • 5 Push Ups (push ups can be done to a barbell, knees, or toes)
  • 10 Dumbbell Bicep Curls


Plank Style Finisher:

2 rounds of:

  • 5 Inchworms
  • :30sec Elbow Plank
  • 12 Hip Dips

Watch the videos of each movement below to ace your form and maximize those muscle gains. 🥳

Dumbbell Hip Thrust

Dumbbell Goblet Squats

Walking Lunges

Dumbbell Chest Press

Push Ups

Dumbbell Bicep Curls


Elbow Plank

Hip Dips

Track your progress!

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