One year from now, you can stay put—or be fitter than ever before. Now's the time to build the physique of your dreams!

In this bundle, you'll get access to both Power Sculpt and its follow-up program Power Sculpt Beyond. Below is a sample of what you can expect when you start the 6-month Power Sculpt Program!

My Power Sculpt and Power Sculpt Beyond Programs total to a combined 52 weeks of expertly programmed lifting workouts.

These two bundled programs are all about lifting. I want you to find new confidence unlike ever before. With only 5 workouts a week, you’ll stay motivated through monthly group calls, weekly meal guides, and access to a private community filled with other Power Sculpt members. I wanted to make this program for years and I am so excited for you to become stronger!

This bundle includes my two 6-month programs, both designed to be done back-to-back. Power Sculpt is my original lifting program for weeks 1-26, where you'll set a lifting foundation and improve fitness. Power Sculpt Beyond is the next chapter of Power Sculpt, for weeks 27-52, where you'll continue to gain muscle and athletic performance. By committing to a year's worth of workouts, you could be in the best shape of your life!

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Hi! I'm Juli Bauer Roth! 👋

You might recognize me from my blog PaleOMG, or my dog Jackson from Instagram

I’ve been working out consistently for over a decade. Fitness is part of who I am. I have a degree in Health & Exercise Science, I was a certified personal trainer, I coached CrossFit for years, I competed in CrossFit, and I’ve tried just about every kind of workout there is.

From these 10+ years, I’ve learned what works, what doesn’t, what leads to injury, and what leads to the best results. Through my previous PaleOMG Power Programs, I’ve helped thousands of women improve their health, fitness, and confidence. 

Now, for the first time ever, I’m bundling my lifting programs to teach you the exact workouts that I do. I teach you how to sculpt your muscles through lifting. 

We’re going to have the best time! 🥳🥳🥳

Join over 4,500 women who have gained strength and confidence 🤩

My PaleOMG programs help women gain muscle, shred fat, and—most importantly—find confidence! 


"I love your program and have only amazing things to say about it. With both of my kids I gained about 40-45 lbs and with my last baby I lost A LOT of strength and muscle. Since doing your program, my form has improved so much! I can lift heavier and feel better doing it. While I’m still not “there”, I am starting to get to my pre-pregnancy body and it is super motivating to see my progress with your program. I’m almost wondering what the heck I’m going to do when I finish up the program."


"The progress I’ve made in strength and changing my body overall is so exciting! I didn’t really change my diet as I eat clean, however, I did take out wine in the evenings(and feel so much better for it)! I am so grateful to have had this in my life. I am in my 60’s and had a mastectomy 8 years ago. I never thought I could make this much of a difference in my body without starving. Love, love getting up every day and see what PB I can hit!! Thanks for all you do and keeping us fit esp in these crazy times!"


“The length of the workouts is just right. I knew I wasn’t going to be stuck in my basement gym for over an hour, but afterwards, I knew I had put in WORK by how I felt. I have a one year old who is very busy, and I was able to fit this in (and wanted to!) 4-5 times a week. When I’m working out regularly, I am much more likely to eat clean as well, and these pictures are a result of that too!”


“I cannot believe the amazing results! In the beginning, I was so out of shape the warm-up felt like a workout, but I did what I could and just stuck with it (even if some days it wasn’t pretty). Not only were the videos helpful for me to go at my own pace, but it helped me to not get discouraged by thinking I was "just doing it wrong or wasting my time". I feel stronger, more confident, and overall so much healthier. This program helped me to get out of my ‘rut’ and there’s no stopping me now!"


"So far I’m down 40 pounds and more to go. Basically I’ve been just eating better and doing your program over and over for my exercise. Despite only being able to work out from home, your program has helped me to not only lose weight but to get stronger and to feel better about myself. I never knew how much I was capable of before and I’m amazed at how much more I can do now!"


"I did the program first round in January, took a break, and just finished it the second time. 37 lbs gone! After my unexpected divorce, I lost not only my husband but my workout partner. I didn’t workout for 2 years because I didn’t want to go to the gym alone. Thank you for the Power program, I feel in love with working out again and I love it!!"

Here’s what you get when you enroll in my Power Sculpt Bundle! 👏


Through this bundle, you'll get access to both my Power Sculpt and Power Sculpt Beyond Programs, which totals to a year's worth of workouts. I'm going to ask you to work hard for 12 whole months. You know why? Because you’re a badass who will put in the work, that’s why! Building muscle takes time, and sticking with a program for the long term will get you more results. Between these two programs, you're going to get so strong.


Both of the programs included in this bundle are based on progressive overloading, which means that you’ll push yourself harder every single week. These two programs have over 100 calorie-torching, muscle-building workouts repeating over a 12-month period, with movements that improve and accelerate athletic performance. 

For four weeks at a time, you’ll follow the same workouts every week (except for a wild card workout—more on that later), which will help you nail your form, continuously, stimulate muscle groups, and build the muscle you want! Here’s how each week is structured: 

Day 1 – Lower Body

Day 2 – Upper Body

Day 3 – Wild Card

Day 4 – Rest Day

Day 5 – Lower Body

Day 6 – Upper Body

Day 7 – Rest Day

The wild card workout will always be different each week to spice things up while challenging your balance, coordination, and mind! 

Not only will progressive overloading help you master each movement, but you’ll be able to track your progress and increased strength every single week for extra motivation!


Before you begin each Power Sculpt workout, you’ll be able to watch a detailed overview of the movements, done by yours truly. In each video, I’ll walk you through performing the movement safely and properly, and then I’ll show you how NOT to do the movement. It’s like having your own coach right there with you! 


Through your Power Sculpt purchase, you'll still have access to a 45-minute Zoom webinar for all Power Sculpt and Power Sculpt Beyond Program members, where you can ask questions, get tips, share progress, and get motivated to keep committing!


Every week, all Power Sculpt Program members will receive four different recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—12 total!—to make nutrition even easier. These recipes are hand-picked from PaleOMG, and each one is gluten-free, lower carb, and filled with fueling nutrients to supercharge your workouts and build muscle!


Results are so much more than a scale. In both Power Sculpt and Power Sculpt Beyond, you'll receive dedicated weekly worksheets to track your weights and time for every workout for week 1 through 52! You’ll be motivated to push yourself harder and build some serious muscle! 


Sharing progress photos on Instagram can be nerve-wracking, I get it! To help foster a positive community that motivates, I’ve partnered with to create private forums. You’ll be able to easily discuss each workout with other members, swap tips, share progress pics, and more! Beyond that, I’ll be an active member in the community right there with you, so myself and other members will help push you throughout the whole program! 


Outside of our private community, all Power Sculpt members will have the option to add on 30-min one-on-one coaching sessions with me for an additional fee! If you’re feeling unmotivated, desire extra accountability, or want alternate movements, I’m here to help you cross that finish line!

This course is closed for enrollment.

52 weeks of comprehensive guidance for lifting!

By the end of Power Sculpt and Power Sculpt Beyond Programs, I want you to be transformed from the inside out. You'll have a better understand of your health, your strength, and a new lifestyle!

Whether you're just starting out or are in the best shape of your life, my Power Sculpt Programs will challenge you and help you build muscle—and we'll have fun doing it!

Every movement has its own dedicated video where I coach you from start to finish. By focusing on form, you'll progress faster and get stronger.

Example: Front Squat

This course is closed for enrollment.